Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not Exactly What I Had In Mind

Kaiya has been sick for the past few days. Nothing major but when Kaiya gets sicks, almost always, her asthma flares up. Last time it was bad enough to land us in the emergency room and they sent her home a couple of days later with this nebulizer. I was grateful to have it around when she began to have difficulty breathing a couple of days ago. She's breathing better now and is dying to get outside but I've kept her cooped up another day to make sure she doesn't get down with this again. Her daddy and several members of my family have asthma so I know how bad it can get. She only has issues with it when she's sick but every time she does I hold my breath, waiting for it to pass. I do hope she's feeling 100% tomorrow as she's so been looking forward to trick-or-treating.

We were supposed to have a my bff and her daughters over today to carve pumpkins. I was busy preparing potato soup and coring apples for baking when our power began to dim. Not the whole house, just the dining room, half of the bathroom and half of the kitchen. There was enough power to run the lights dimly but not to power the stove, of course. A repairman came from the power company and we'll have to call in an electrician on Monday. So, not hot meals til then and I went ahead and pushed our pumpkin carving to tomorrow, Oh well, rolling with the punches and all that jazz.

I just wanted to share the window star I made using Nicole's tutorial. Her directions are plain and pictures beautiful. I made mine in some warm fall colors, but I can see they will prove to be addictive so I'll be working on some minis in rainbow colors for the panes of glass front and back doors.

And on to the giveaway list (Just wanted to note, the playsilk giveaway ends on the 31st, Halloween!);

Acorn Fairy

Baby Shoe Pattern

Baby Legwarmers


Batik Onesie


Pumpkin Soap

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Hamlette (Rachel) said...

Poor Kaiya! We've had to rent a nebulizer twice for Daniel, and he had to use an inhaler for a while last spring. No asthma at all in either of our families, so the doc says it's probably something he'll outgrow -- just sometimes when he gets a bad cold he starts to wheeze. I'm praying this winter we won't go through all that again. If we do, we'll probably just buy the nebulizer instead of renting it for a couple weeks over and over (and then, of course, he'll never have the problem again and we'll have spent hundreds of dollars... oh well).

I hope Kaiya's better enough to enjoy her costume and Halloween fun!

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