Monday, January 24, 2011

Birthday Crafting

I've been busy crafting for River's birthday, (1!) which happens to be tomorrow. I still have a birthday crown to make and the older sisters and I will be dying up a set of wee playsilks for her later on today.
But right now I wanted to show what I've gotten done so far. I finished up this cardigan for her yesterday. I actually really love how it turned out, only I do wish that I had allowed a little more for the width of the back. Still, it's a nice fit. And the chickens! Love them. Rav notes here.
On to the doll. I teamed up with my mom again to make this soft, squishy doll. I think the head may be a bit too small but I'm still pretty happy with it.
We knocked it out in just a couple of hours and I knit the little cap up for it after the girls went to bed. Rav notes on the cap.

Today will be super busy. Got to make that crown and the silks, find a good gluten free cake recipe, clean... I think that's it. She's still not broke that tooth that has been paining her through. Poor baby. We're still not getting a whole lot of sleep so I'm trying to get to bed as early as the crafting will let me. I do hope she'll get some reprieve from it tomorrow and be her usual cheerful self on her big day. I'll share pictures of the other handmade gifts later.


Andréann said...

that dolly calls for hugs :) The cardigan is super cute! can't wait to see those wee play silks.

Merrick hasn't broke his either, we see it, that little white dot under the gums, that doesn't want to get out just yet!

amanda {the habit of being} said...

what a cute sweater! those buttons are precious!

taisa said...

What beautiful gifts! (and beautiful blog too, thanks for your comments on mine, it is nice to "meet" you!) Those chicken buttons are the cutest!

tree said...

i so need to learn to knit!! The cardigan is beautiful and where did you find the chicken buttons?? Love them!
i think your doll turned out wonderful. Happy Birthday to your little! Sounds like a super fun day!

Rachel said...

Happy birthday, River!

Can you believe our girls are already this old???

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