Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This Girl...

...came into our lives one year ago today.
My, how this past year has flown. But don't they always, those first years? One minute a new, wrinkled babe in your arms. So small and helpless. And the next they are walking and climbing and beginning to talk and become such interesting little people.
About my River;
:she enjoys sucking her thumb (constantly)
:climbing onto anything and everything. Her new favorite climb is ladder back chairs, frightening her poor mama with her reckless ways.
:she began walking at 8 months and now runs everywhere
:her favorite toy is mama's purse, placed high out of reach
:she loves to give wet kisses and tight hugs

We enjoyed a quite birthday evening with mama and daddy, big sisters and my parents. A few simple gifts, mostly handmade by mama and a yummy applesauce cake.

Happy first birthday, River! Much love,


Fleecenik Farm said...

Oh..She is so sweet. I love her sweater too! Happy Birthday River!

Those years do zip right by. We just celebrated my older son's 18th birthday. They grow up. WE grow up with them. Just wish I could keep the gray at bay:)

Elisa said...

So adorable! Love the birthday crown. I made mine by machine...but I love this handmade look. I might have to embellish mine a little very year.

Lake Effect :: Sara said...

WOW! I have a River too! And I have only come across two others..both who were named after him by friends.
My River is an 11 year old boy!
I just found your blog & really love it.
Bright Blessings!

kendra said...

and happy one! what amazingly beautiful girls!

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