Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tiny Treasures

A tiny pouch, whipped up just before bed to hold Kaiya's tooth.
A tiny treasure from the tooth fairy. I had decided to give a small gift instead of money but my parents wanted to contribute, too. I made the little bendy doll after I put the girls to bed. In the morning Kaiya ran into my room (still dark out) and said "Mommy look! The tooth fairy left me a little wooden doll." And then came back a few minutes later, "Oh no, mommy, not wooden. It's a needle felted doll." And my mama heart swelled with pride!
And here is a little Saturday something for you, the giveaway list.


* * said...

This little pouch and doll are absolutely precious! Our littles receive a little handmade gift too : ) Happy, happy weekend! xo

Tara said...

Beautiful little pouch and doll. What a sweet gift from the Tooth Fairy.

Andréann said...

both objects are really beautiful! I would have been thrilled to get something like this... but the tooth fairy never visited me!

That doll is really precious. I love the fact that she was more thrilled about the doll than the money!

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