Friday, February 25, 2011

Almost There

I am blaming the winter doldrums and blahs! for my absence. I really enjoy being here, blogging, but have been feeling such a lack of inspiration lately. Well, that's not completely true. I have had lots of ideas for new, spring inspired toys (cough! see carrots below cough!) but as far as writing... So here it is; we've been sick. Zoe, me, Zoe, the baby, Zoe, me, Kaiya and now Zoe again. Poor girl, she just can't seem to shake this. I've been congested for a month or more, River is still teething like the devil and the girls are sick of being cooped up and are constantly at each others throats. Sigh! To say that I am sick of winter and ready for (consistent) warmth and sunshine and COLOR! would be an understatement.
So, there it is. Nothing original or inspiring. Just a dash or two of complaining, and I really hate to complain. Today I will clean my house and knit up some more carrots, tomorrow I will buy myself a big bouquet of flowers and at some point this week I will get some seeds started.

Goodbye February, you will not be missed.
Well, now I feel badly, I'm sure you have feelings, too. You are worthwhile, in your own way, just like the heat of a scorching August. You bring us the holiday of love and you brought me my middle daughter, for which I am forever grateful. OK, just goodbye, then, and see you next year.


KnitterMama said...

We have had a round of sickness over here as well. Yucko!

Anonymous said...

Those wee carrot folks are so cute! Hope you all feel better soon.

momma rae said...

i am in love with those carrots! absolutely brilliant and adorable, too!! hang on, mama....spring IS coming! :)

Tara said...

Those carrots are perhaps the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. At the time that I write this, February has officially said good-bye. Have a great week.

karen said...

what adorable carrots! wishing you all a wonderful march

Mama Ash Grove said...

oh my, how I understand your feelings twoard February! This February has been a struggle for me, even more than usual!
So sorry to hear you've been sick- I hope you've all got good health in the coming weeks!
Oh, adorable root babies!

Charlotte said...

Dear Julie

I really love your carrots! (So does Humphrey bunny!)

Sorry it's taken me so long to respond, but have you had much luck with the litter training yet?

The thing I have always done is start off bunny (bunnies, in your case) in a large indoor hutch. That way they will naturally choose a corner in there to use as a loo (no other choice) Then open the door and allow them to wander around a small area of the room for short periods - they will tend to return to the hutch to 'go'. Extend the 'free' periods, and over time place a litter tray in the toilet corner of the hutch.

Eventually you can leave the door open on a longer term basis.

And then, eventually again, you can remove the hutch and just leave the litter tray.

Hope this helps a bit, it has worked for me anyway.

Love Charlotte (& Humphrey)

TwigandToadstool said...

oh my goodness...I'm seriously in love with those carrot folk! Totally genius!!!
If you ever have the time and inclination please please post a tutorial on how to make them...they are totally adorable!
xox maureen
so so glad to have found a lovely new blog to come visit!!

Rachel said...

LOVE the carrots!

But yeah, February is the worst month. I haven't blogged since January on any of my blogs, I haven't listed anything new in my shop... ugh. I always used to read "Lord of the Rings" during January and February to brighten things up (and cuz February in general reminds me of Frodo and Sam slogging about in Mordor).

But now it's March, I have a new hat to list in my shop (if I ever get pics of it, lol), and I have lots of ideas for blog posts suddenly. Now if I can just find the time! Ahhhh, March.

S said...

Oh me Oh my! they are just about the cutest thing I have seen all week!

Mandi said...

Those are too cute!

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