Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mama's In Over Her Head

I was happy to capture this rare peaceful moment with River. Here she is enjoying a snack and resting on some stuffed animals while I cleaned her sisters' room. This one really keeps me on my toes. I don't think I've ever said 'NO!' so much in my life. If she's not taking things out of the freezer or bathroom cabinet or any number of places she's dragging chairs around the house so she can climb. Climbing on the toilet to get onto the sink, climbing on top of my desk and bedside table. It's really a wonder she hasn't really hurt herself yet.
She is exhausting to keep up with. And yet, so terribly amusing at the same time. She is forever making her sisters and I laugh with her oh, so mischievous ways.
We went to story time at the library today and she had so much fun dancing and running back and forth between mama and the window, which, of course, she had to climb up onto the windowsill. She is so full of life and spirit. She just brings so much joy to our lives.

I'm making a point to stop and savor these moments as they come. This littleness is so fleeting.

What's not to love?


angie said...

what a beautiful set of photographs!

m. bloom said...

Oh, gracious! Your littlest reminds me of my almost 8 month old. He's still small but so wiggly and full of smiles & mischief. We are a little worried about when he learns to walk and climb. I often say, I don't think he will ever really walk because he will be running, and he won't just run... he will run naked with all his chubbiness displayed for the world to see! This baby makes such a fuss when we get him dressed that, I fear, once he's on his feet, we will never catch up with him if he's of a mind to escape... Oh, but he's fearless and makes us laugh! Such blessings!

Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} said...

Oh goodness this sounds so much like my 3rd :) My first two were so calm and quiet and then I was hit with hurricane M! LOL. He got his little hands into everything he wasn't supposed to, climbed everything, flushed things down toilets, ran naked all the time, never quite learned how to use an inside voice and now that he is 5 I can finally say he's not keeping me on the run like he used to. But you know that little stinker always knew just what face to make to make this mama melt *grin*. He's going to be one heck of a charmer LOL. Enjoy those quiet moments :)

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