Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm Lovin'...

~Garden Veggie Patties from MorningStar Farms. I bought some for (not) grilling out on solstice and ever since I'm kinda hooked. Oh, the guilty pleasure of convenience foods!

~Pinterest... why have I resisted thee?Link
~I don't know which I like better, this one, or this one... either way, makes my girls and my heart sing.

~This I haven't tried but I think I really want to. I read a review, someone really stinky (umm... honestly I didn't use to be... having kids and all that... yeah) said it really, actually works. Any thoughts?

~Sigh... I wanna live here.

Tomorrow I will draw a winner for the little sun gnome and a sun necklace, so get your entry in!

And have a happy weekend!