Monday, August 1, 2011

Meltdown Monday Giveaway

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LinkLinkMonday, Monday, here we are again! Feels nice to get a fresh start in, not only a new week but a new month, as well.
Today our giveaway comes from Margaret who blogs at We Bloom Here. Have you seen the peg dolls this lady makes? Oh my, so sweet! I was fortunate enough to be in a swap group with her that she hosted. We all swapped peg dolls , it was such fun! She is constantly coming up with new ways to deck these little wooden dolls, really, a woman after my own heart. Let's get to know Margaret a little better.

This Cosy Life- Hi, Margaret, and welcome to Meltdown Monday! Tell us a little about yourself so we can know the person behind the work.

Margaret- I live in a tiny, spider infested tree-house with my husband, 2 sons (one 12 month old and the other 8 years old) and one black cat. Besides the spiders, we also seem to have an infestation of wee pixies, sprites & gnomes (please see attached photo.) Our home is only a few miles south of San Francisco but you'd hardly know it with all the squirrels chattering from the treetops and the local family of deer trying to eat our vegetable garden.

I have a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology, and, until the birth of my first son, I worked as a counselor (I especially loved facilitating art therapy groups.) Also, up until 2 years ago, I was performing regularly as a professional puppeteer. These days, I am an expert at building with Legos, I can outpace my 8-year old in Harry Potter trivia knowledge but have trouble keeping up with his knowledge regarding the Lord of the Rings. I can work magic with laundry stain remover and have a talent in the art of lullaby singing.

This Cosy Life- What do you create and what are your favorite materials?

Margaret- Because of my history with puppet building, my preference for materials has always been "multi-media." I love sculpting with paper-clay and sewing (I have a penchant for velvets, wide-wale corduroy, wool felt and interesting ribbon.) I also love to knit with angora, mohair and anything variegated, but my favorite material is *glitter*!!! What do I love to create? Puppets, hanging mobiles and wee, tiny fairy-folk...

Cosy Life- What inspires your creations?

Margaret - Books, books and more books... craft books, fairytale & children's books, etc... My other source of inspiration has been blogs. I was skeptical for many years, but I've come to accept that the internet can be like a magic carpet taking me to the most marvelous places, showing me the most beautiful things and best of all, meeting the most marvelous people.

This Cosy Life- How do you balance 'making' with mothering?

Margaret- Most days, while sweeping up crumbs from the floor and wading through piles of dishes & laundry, my fingers itch to get back to my latest small project. During the time my baby boy is having a morning snooze and after both children are in bed at night I sneak in time to create... I'm not sure "balance" is really possible...

My own larger projects have taken back seat to the creative work of family and home. Some days I’m okay with that, and then there are still some days when I long for the time & freedom to tackle projects I've been planning for years. But the days, weeks and months of childhood go by so very quickly and I’m doing my best to enjoy and nurture each stage of my children’s growth as much as I’m able.

This Cosy Life- Thank you so much for for joining us for Meltdown Monday!

Margaret-- Thank you for creating such a delightful Monday event and including me in the fun. May the only things melting-down in your home this beautiful summer day be a bowl of your favorite flavor ice cream and also some nice popsicles for your children!

Margaret is giving away this darling little peg doll. Her name is Heliotrope. Yes, it's an awfully big name for such a wee pixie, but there you have it.

OK, so to enter leave me a comment. You can let me know how your Monday is going or, better yet, tell me how you beat the dreadful Meltdown Monday or just say hi. Whatever.

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PS: If anyone is interested in participating in a Monday Meltdown giveaway, here on my blog, contact me here. Whether an item from your Etsy shop or just a little something you would like to give away to brighten someone's Monday, it's all good!