Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I am stepping in briefly with a 'Hello' between a long knitting session and bed. The following photos have nothing to do with anything. We made salt dough pumpkins today and they fell kinda flat, not to mention the salt was pretty hellish on my rough, broken, eczema riddled hands. It's not been a productive homeschooling week. That was actually our second project failure (leaving the success count at 0) and the girls are recovering from being sick (better, just rough voices that I'd rather not expose to the cool air) so we've been skipping our walks. I am going to go through my crafting cupboard again tomorrow and try to find our candle wicks. I got ready to make these with the girls for Halloween night but the wick is MIA. We will have a successful craft this week!

PhotobucketLinkI hope your week is going well, so far. BTW, if you've not yet entered, I'm giving away a copy of 'Seven Times the Sun' here.