Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Plans

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Well, it's almost here. Are you ready for Halloween? I enjoyed reading your very thoughtful comments on my Halloween thoughts post... I'm especially intrigued by the Day of the Dead customs and will be implementing some into a day after/ All Souls day celebration. something quiet and respectful.
So after much thought and brainstorming with that fellow Waldorf mum I think we've come up with a pretty magical Halloween evening our girls. Which, of course, I'm going to share with you. I hope you can glean at least a little inspiration for your own festivities.

I honestly thought Halloween was going to be an easy holiday to revamp and make our own because there is so much to draw on. WRONG! There is so much history and it draws on so many cultures and customs that, really, it's confusing and difficult, for me, to find something truly relatable in it.
I'm going to refer you to this article again because, truly, it was very helpful for me.
What really stuck out to me was the very magical aspect of this time. Children are very drawn to magic and fairies and I wanted to play that up. So here it is;

The other mother lives in a wooded area so we're having it at her home. We will hang the pumpkin candles I made with my girls yesterday all about (turned out really great, by the way) to bring a magical atmosphere. We're going to begin by collecting kindling bundles for the bonfire later in the evening then we will carve fairy homes from our pumpkins. The girls will be carving their regular jack-o-lanterns this weekend with their daddy and the other family will carve theirs, as well. We're going to take these and place them about where many natural treasures can be found... acorns, pine cones, brightly colored leaves... and let the girls go about with their lanterns and find treasures for our magical friends. By then the bonfire will be built and the girls will bring their fairy offerings to the fire where they will exchange them for just a couple of small treasures each. I am giving each girl a gemstone that I may or may not crochet a little pouch necklace around. Then we will eat, drink and be merry by the fire for a bit longer.

No trick-or-treating this year, no candy. There will be simple mama made costumes, just for fun. But this year we're focusing on the magic and the wonder.

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