Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Hello. I've been avoiding you a bit. I'm sorry about that. I still haven't shared our lantern or our homeschool week. I think I may just skip that alltogether this week.
You see, I have something else to share, haven't known how to approach it but I don't feel genuine writing anything else til I do. So...
my husband moved back in over the weekend. And I truly don't know what else to say about that. I had been going over and over it. We're ready for this, I hope. We're both ready to make changes and I'm at a point to be more flexible and let some things go that really only bog my life down. I saw a quote on Pinterest (that I am sorry but I don't know where the source is or who the author is) that said something along the the lines of -It's only a part of your life because you keep thinking about it-. There are things, between he and I, between myself and others, that I have been holding on to. Thinking about and letting have to much sway over my emotions and outlook and life.
I have to admit out loud, when he left here it wasn't just him to blame, though, I wanted to think for a long time it was. But it was also (a big part) of things I was holding on to and letting determine who I was as a wife.
This is still very overwhelming to me. I am finding myself having these strange emotional reactions to very random things. But I am truly happy and, of course, the girls are beside themselves with happiness. We are trying to settle in and get used to things and finding our new family rhythm. It will take time. It has two years since he moved out. It is definitely going to take some time.
But we're all in it together and ready for this new chapter.