Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanks and Giving

I wanted to step in just briefly and share a little about the gratitude tree the girls and I are working on. Talking over Thanksgiving (and festivals in general as this is dominating our thoughts at the moment) with my Waldorf mama friend we both became a little stumped with the 'season of giving' that follows. We both really want the things we do with our girls, the festivals we celebrate to be meaningful and the elements need to make sense to us. Sure, I love giving, especially making gifts for my loved ones. But how does a season of thankfulness turn into one of giving one another gifts?
I'm not entirely sure how this custom started as there are so many different sources of festivals of light in nearly every culture this time of year. And I'm not so sure the history even matters that much here.
Let me back up just a hair here and tell you that my thoughts lately have been to include as much festivity and seasonal focus into our every day. My goal is to have these focus points scattered throughout the year and in between to work toward them... almost a perpetual state of celebration and focus that will keep us connected and flow into one another smoothly and naturally, like a beautiful dance.
And here we are at Thanksgiving, filling our Gratitude tree with all of the things we are so grateful to have in our lives. And it occurred to me that someone who has so much to be thankful for also has so much to give. So what we will do is this, once we are past Thanksgiving we will leave our little tree up and instead of filling it with gratitude, we will begin to fill it with our gifts. Look deep within yourself... what gifts do you have to give? Perhaps you are rich with things that may fill another's needs, a talent that will bring a smile to someone's face, perhaps you have time to give. This will be my call to myself and my children, to dig deeply and share our gifts. And one season flows into another...

Just a couple more things; my gratitude to you, dear reader, for all your thoughtful and encouraging comments on this post. They each mean so much to me.
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I hope you all have a beautiful week!