Monday, January 16, 2012

Waldorf Inspired Home School Themes-Animals In Winter

We are Waldorf-inspired homeschoolers, just starting out in kindergarten. Each week follows a theme, inspiring our work and play and learning. This theme is chosen based on the season and what's on our minds. Each week I will share what we've been up to and some links and resources that will hopefully inspire you. There is a link-up at the end of this post... I hope you will share what your home school has been up to. You can find previous weeks here.
'Mr. Bear says all he wants to do is sleep
Now that winters here and snow is very deep
He is curled up in his den
And we probably won't see him
Till the spring when all he want to do is eat!'

Our theme last week (sorry I didn't post this yesterday, Kaiya and I were both sick again, better now) was animals in winter. I shared this project over on the Natural Kids blog last week. It was inspired by Jan Brett's 'The Mitten' and her printable activity page.

Zoe worked on the coloring for us...
while Kaiya practiced her hand sewing.
We also made a paper mache bear cave like this one. We did the paper mache on Wednesday, it wasn't completely dry on Thursday so we took it with us on our Friday meetup with our other Waldorf friends. So instead of cutting an opening as in the tutorial we cut it in half so we could share with our friends. We let the girls paint the cave and a piece of cardboard to sit it on and Sunday the girls finished it up with their dad, cutting construction paper leaves. They've had so much fun putting their animals in there.
PhotobucketWe weren't able to get everything done that I would have liked, as Saturday was my husband's birthday and we were pretty busy crafting for that. But if you check out my Pinterest boards you can find more 'animals in winter' inspiration. I also printed some coloring pages from Jan Brett's site and let the girls color them on Monday. Monday is my cleaning day so I like to keep it light that day, generally coloring, drawing or painting.

Where Is Bear?
Mr. bear
Little Bear
Winter Is Cold
The Mitten

Winter Story
and a couple of books we have
Animals In Winter
When Winter Comes (They're both good but we especially like this one, very informative but not over their heads, even mama learned new stuff! )

Snug In the Snow

My Pinterest Home Schooling page is here, Verses and Stories here.