Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Right Now

It was actually cold when we went out to play today! A nice change, I think, from the 60-70 degree weather we've been having. I went out on Sunday to lunch with my parents and could not believe there were actually buds on quite a few trees! I will be sad if the frost gets them, as I'm sure it will.  photo 1-IMG_5120_zps5f7d08d0.jpg Knitting, knitting, knitting.... a nice diversion for now. River has a birthday (3!) coming up this Friday and I'm enjoying working on a few things for her.  photo 1-IMG_5112_zps70944627.jpg This is my fist time making the 'In Threes' pattern and I just love it. I'm also planning a dress to go with it, some essential oil scented play-dough , fingerless mittens, and a rag doll that my dad is making a bed for and my mom is making the bedding for. A sweet, handmade birthday that I think she will love.
  photo 1-IMG_5095_zpsc221e9a5.jpg  Kaiya is working on something for her, too. I love to see her stitching away!  photo 1-IMG_4803_zps82bf9295.jpg  These are our winter days right now. I hope you'll share yours!