Thursday, January 24, 2013

Working On....

What I'm working on today....
 photo 1-IMG_5179_zps6f22258b.jpg
River (my littlest) turns 3 tomorrow, as I mentioned the other day. So I'm working on a rag style doll for her. Yes, it's tomorrow and I really should be further along. But I had this vision in my of a thin, lanky, and floppy body and it's taken me a few days to get it where I want it. And then the hair... I'd only done felt hair for rag dolls before so it's taking some getting use to to sewing the yarn down to a flatter head than I'm used to. I do love how's she's turning out, though.
 photo 1-IMG_5141_zpsf5b8dc0f.jpg
I assisted the sisters in making pipe cleaner dolls for her. Kaiya found the idea in a kid craft book. So cute! I've got to pick up some more beads because they've got plan to make many more.
 photo 1-IMG_5164_zpsb970e17f.jpg
Now I'm back to that dolly!