Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Have Two Favorites

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I have made two dolls that absolutely make my heart sing... I mean, I love them all. I won't create something I don't love. But then there are dolls that you look at their sweet little faces and it's like seeing one of your own children. The first was Celia. Sigh.... Celia was hard to send away. And now Miss Anouk. Maybe it's because, like my mother pointed out, she resembles my own Zoe.

Anouk got her name while I was watching Chocolat. I didn't actually mean to, just found myself calling her Anouk while I watched and worked on her hair. I think it suits her, though. She is the first made from a new pattern. She has more little details than any doll I've made before. I had resisted the details, preferring to keep them simple and traditional. But I'm feeling more like stretching myself as a doll maker; trying new things. And I like it!

Anouk is a 12" Waldorf doll. Her body is sewn from cotton interlock and filled with wool. Her hair is a crocheted cap of mohair. She comes with a cotton top and pants, cotton panties, and wool shoes with a wooden button. She is available through my Etsy shop.