Saturday, June 11, 2011

Around the Herb Garden

This evening brought a truly awesome, albeit brief storm, thoroughly drenching the gardens. Lightening cracking, thunder booming, and best of all, heavy, soaking rain. Ahh!
I must admit, I still have only a few vegetables planted and am thinking I will do myself a favor; set out just a few more tomatoes, my pepper plants (sweet banana, jalapeno and sweet pepper) and not worry so much til time to put in the fall planting. My mama is right (yes, I said it), River will be older next year and (maybe, hopefully) not so hard to keep an eye on while we're outside and I can plant my big garden then. For now, I am enjoying my herb garden in the front of the house. Everything is getting so big and beginning to give off spicy wafts into the hot air. It's heavenly. So, let me give you a tour of what's growing now.
Below, you can see oregano in the front and back there in the wheel barrel is sweet mint. Tonight I went to pick the top off of a stalk of the oregano and the whole piece came up by the root. I couldn't bear to just toss it aside so I transplanted it in the back. This stuff lays down roots crazy fast! So, if you need oregano...
Cilantro. Confession, I really don't care for cilantro. I guess it's alright in some dishes, mostly blech. But I couldn't not plant it. It's growing really well from seed... for an herb I rather detest.
Not an herb (the herb garden is littered about with flowers) but those daisies got a nice cool drink of rain.
Cinnamon basil. I haven't tried this variety yet. I'm looking forward to tasting it.
Chervil, I mostly planted it for my mom. She has a recipe that calls for it, not that she can find said recipe now.
Tarragon gone wild.
Fennel, can you even see it? I have watered this plant and watered it and it is still drying up... I don't know. I hope it makes it.

Inspired. These didn't so much grow the traditional way, but I've enjoyed making them, all the same.
OK, thanks for coming along my little herb garden tour. More should be growing soon. Won't you show me yours?