Monday, June 13, 2011

Melt Down Monday Giveaway

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It's Monday again. Really, I have mixed feelings about Mondays. On one hand I love the 'fresh start' feeling, like a mini New Year every week. And I kinda like the feeling of getting back to work (which makes the insane assumption a mama is ever not working, but let me fool myself, OK?). But, on the other hand, it's Monday! I gotta get back to it and there's always a lot of meltdowns on Monday. I like to call it 'Meltdown Monday'.
So, to counter 'Meltdown Monday' and give this day a boost, I am offering a little giveaway. Who knows, I may go a bit mad and make it a regular thing. But don't bet on it.
Seven little gnomes all in a row. If you really just have to know all the details you can check them out here. But, right now I can sense another melt down coming on (perhaps my own), so I'm not going to write them all out here. You get them all, or you can give them to a kid in throws of a Monday meltdown and brighten their Monday.
OK, so to enter leave me a comment. You can let me know how your Monday is going or, better yet, tell me how you beat the dreadful Meltdown Monday or just say hi. Whatever.

For additional entries;
(leave a separate comment for each entry, if you don't, they count as one)
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I will randomly pick a winner on Sunday June 19th and announce here, on my blog.

And now I will go back to refereeing . Oh,happy Monday!

PS: If you would like to be part of a Meltdown Monday giveaway on this blog contact me here. You know what they say, misery loves company.