Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On the Road Again... Or Not

On this day last week, my car quit I as we were picking up Kaiya's new glasses. I really was sure it was the alternator, as I've dealt with bad alternators in the past (different cars). But when we took it to be repaired our mechanic was sure it was just a bad battery and replaced that instead. Well, as the girls and I were leaving the grocery store today my radio cut out. Crap! I knew it would die shortly and, fortunately, was able to get back into the parking lot and drift into a parking space.
And I have to say, I was super grateful for this wonderfully mild weather we're having as the girls and I had to sit with no air as we waited for their dad to come and pick us up (no, taking all three girls back into the store, with River already asleep, was not an option). But really, this day could have been better.
So, I guess we are home for a while. I'm OK with that. This has been a really productive week so far and I could use more time at home to get some more planted in the garden and finish getting orders knitted and out. The girls have been having fun playing with their little toys, animals and little wooden things. It's been nice to see them play together, relatively harmoniously, even including little River some. I was reading on someone's blog, just the other day, how their days were so full and every day on the calender was filled in with some errand or activity. Our days are also full to the max, but funny thing is, there is hardly ever anything on the calender. Home is where it's at for us. Here there are always chores to be done and projects in need of completing. Toys need knitting, gardens need weeding and animals need a constant supply of fresh water in this heat.
No, it's not so bad to be without a car for a bit (I say on the first day). I'm looking forward to seeing how much I can get done and caught up with. So, here's to stranded!

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