Sunday, October 16, 2011

Baby (Sweater) Love

River at about one month old. Oh, these pull on my heart strings more than just a little. It's hard to remember that itty bitty stage when she's always on the go and screaming and yelling like a wild baby.
But, no, this isn't just a stroll down memory lane. I have another offering to the Hand Knit Hand Me Down Group.


She wore it from about one month to one year. I knit it with 100% alpaca and the buttons are unfinished wood. Now, I really, really thought I was going to have a boy and I just really wanted to use that blueish-greenish yarn. So when she was born (obviously not a boy) I crocheted a little flower for the front of it which is quite easily removed if you have/are having a boy.Link
If you're a member of the group ( if not, please join) then leave me a comment under the photo (comments here don't count)if you'd like it. I will give it away to whoever comments first or, if there is more than one comment when I check it I will draw a name randomly. And speaking of random drawings, I have a winner for you...


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