Friday, December 30, 2011

The Brink of the New Year Finds Me....

... refining plans for the shop in my mind. It was very reassuring to know that I am not alone in hating working made-to-order. I've wrestled with it and finally decided that I am finished with that business, once and for all. Now, the stark reality is that my shop is fairly empty, compared to it's previously full and fat state and it's a wee bit discouraging to think how long it's going to take me to fatten it up again. But on the bright side, selling will be way less stressful and I'm feeling my creative juices flowing more than ever. See case and point below.
Just before Christmas I had made up a set of three little kittens and very briefly put them in the shop before pulling them to give to my own wee ones on Saint Nicholas Day ("Does St. Nicholas knit, mommy?"). So now, post-holiday rush, I have expanded on that a bit and bring you a full set; mama cat, three kittens, a crochet basket, perfect for snuggling up in mama's tail, a crochet blanket and a little wooden bowl for milk.
Swish, swish, little tails!
Two little winter gnomes, Icicle and Snowflake. This set was first made for my River for Christmas. Her's were tucked into a little snowflake embellished pouch with a strap for carrying. Perhaps I'll make a set in a pouch for the shop sometime, too.
And the pattern and one set of the Tomtem and the Fox have been added as well. I wanted to share a new picture of this duo to show off the curvy, wurvy tail of the fox. If you scroll down to the giveaway post (have you entered?) you'll see it was previously straight (P.S. I've updated the 'Pattern Shop' above and you can now find this one and several others I'd previously neglected adding there.).

So I am pretty much brimming over with ideas and inspiration at this point. And you would think that all the mad rushing to get to the order knitting finish line and the follow up of making last minute things for my own children would have me burnt out on knitting, but not in the slightest. Well, I guess my dry, cracked, eczema riddled right hand would tell you otherwise but it doesn't get a say in the matter. I love what I do and when things slow down and I'm able to bring all the ideas and pictures floating around in my head to life, well, that's a happy time for me.
I'm also taking the time to do some knitting for me and mine. Well, mine anyway. I almost never knit for me. I should probably amend that sometime. But right now, a dear friend of mine had a baby (new baby girl!) just before Christmas and I'm eager to make something tiny! And then there are several January birthdays around these parts (River will be two!). Look at all those exclamation points, exciting things!

So, the brink of the new year finds ma making plans and indulging my creativity. How about you?